We are all about our community and cherish our Priest Lake tribe and the magnificent lake we are fortunate to call home. It’s history and future are held near and dear to our hearts. Our community is so much more than a resort community and everyone knows it!  That is why Priest Lake has some of the most giving and generous people you’ll find anywhere. These special labeled coffee bags available for retail purchase represent just a few of the special programs we support. The brews are delicious and we hope you feel good about giving back to the place we all love.


Priest Lake Education Foundation

PLEF was started about 7 years ago when a specific funding need arose at Priest Lake Elementary.  Through fundraising and generous contributions the goal was met and there were funds left over.  The rest is history.  PLEF was formed and it has been funding Priest Lake Pre-School, Ready! For Kindergarten, Priest Lake Elementary Grants and reading programs to help stop the summer slide of literacy.  Kidstock and Vino at the Lake are two of the fundraisers that help fund the programs. 


Sit. Sip. And Save the Thorofare.

Priest Lake fans from all over the country are responding with great interest in the “Save The Thorofare”project, which, if successful, will see realignment of the channel and repair or replacement of the thorofare breakwater entrance to the Upper Lake, our little sister jewel in the north.

Breaches and deterioration of the breakwater is causing silt and sediment to fill and block the entrance channel. Overwhelming response to the problem is encouraging.

Several years ago Bonner County created the “Breakwater Committee” to oversee, evaluate and to perform some temporary remedial repair to breaches and buildup of sediment

The mission of the organization “People Helping People, Inc. Charitable Fund” is to make sure that ALL powered craft as well as paddlers will be able to continue to enjoy the Upper Priest Lake.  The entire purpose of the project is to preserve access for ALL and this includes, not only recreational vessels but Forest Service craft that service the campsites and the Bonner County Marine patrol.

The Priest Lake Museum

The Priest Lake Museum Association was formed in 1979 by a handful of volunteers to provide visitors and residents with an awareness of the area’s rich past. The Luby Bay cabin, constructed in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corp to house Forest Service personnel, was chosen to house the museum, which began the partnership between the U.S. Forest Service and The Priest Lake Museum Association.
In the Museum are vignettes of yesteryear, historic exhibits, and videos of Priest Lake history that include interviews with local pioneers’ first-hand accounting of events. Unique books, stationery and souvenirs are for sale.

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